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Official R5 Street Team!

The official R5 Street Team! Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try our best to answer!
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Apr 2 '14

See you later #r5familycanada


See you later #r5familycanada

Feb 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a couple of questions... 1) Is there a Riker Lynch Street team? 2) If not, is it just a matter of someone being willing to start and manage it? 3) I'm an event planner and project manager and my daughter is a HUGE Riker/R5 fan - I'm thinking of a few events - are you based in LA and would be interersted in participating?

I think there is, unfortunately we are based in Canada but I’ll publish this message in case anyone else is interested! 

Jan 9 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi when you get the R5 VIP bag is the loud ep really signed by them or is it just photocopied?! :)

I’m 99% sure it’s really signed because I know the ones from the LOUD tour were! :)

Dec 26 '13


Let’s play a game called Where’s Rocky?

Dec 11 '13

Anonymous asked:

Wondering if you might know how much the Meet and Greet packages generally go for?

Around $100! (for canada/america, not sure how much for other countries!) 

Aug 30 '13

"I know what girls like you can’t ever get enough, so I’m addicted, trippin’, trying to get you to see this.”

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Aug 26 '13


Ohhhhh my goodness! Our biggest show yet! Thanks for making it freakin awesome #R5family! #16000people #WOAH.” - R5 in Toronto

Aug 26 '13

@bestfan interview


@bestfan interview

Aug 18 '13

Anonymous asked:

Trying to buy the meet and greet package for my daughter in Orlando on November 1st. Sold Out. It is the only thing that a very wonderful and amazing 12 year has ever asked for and I aim doing my best to get them. Any suggestions. Joyce

Sometimes the venue or R5’s management puts up more VIP packages closer to the show date, so just keep checking Andre’s twitter for updates (@boomansworld), as well as @officialR5. You can also occasionally check on twitter and tumblr to see if anyone is selling their packages! Best of luck! 

Aug 11 '13

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