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Posts tagged Anonymous

Jan 4 '13

Anonymous asked:

Please please please hvor kan jeg købe halskæde med ping logo

"Where can I buy the necklace with the pink logo?"

You can buy it on their website for $10! (plus shipping)

Nov 6 '12

Anonymous asked:

How can i by VIP passes for the december show in Toronto - the website states they are sold out - is there any hope?!

If they’re sold out that means you won’t be able to buy them on any official sites (r5rocks or ticketmaster) you can always search stubhub although they’ll be more expensive, or go through the tumblr tags to see if anyone can’t go and is selling theirs! There is still hope :) 

P.S. if anyone has tickets they are selling, make sure to write a post and tag it with R5 or send us an ask and we’ll publish it! :)

Oct 15 '12

Anonymous asked:

so do you have an idea of how much the vip meet and greet tickets will be for ft lauderdale fl on dec 23

No idea, sorry! The prices will be announced this week though :)

Oct 8 '12

Anonymous asked:

Can we meet the band at the NBT tour on October 13?

I’m pretty there’s going to be a signing and merch table :)

Sep 3 '12

Anonymous asked:

How many followers do you have?

We have almost 400!! Thank you everyone for following us :) 

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Jul 7 '12

Anonymous asked:

to the anon, sadly they don't sell pick necklaces o there last time I went, but now they're selling dog-tags! :)
Jul 7 '12

Anonymous asked:

where can i get the R5 guitar pick necklaces?

They might still be in the packs they’re selling on the website, or you just have to wait it out until they start selling them separately again :)

Jun 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

Hey! Where do i get the R5 guitar pick necklace? I want one so bad!!

Mark tweeted that they will be selling them again soon! 

Apr 26 '12

Anonymous asked:

Will you guys come to Australia for your Aussie fans ? (:

R5 might be going on their world tour in the next few years! You can keep updated by going to their twitter @officialR5

Tags: Anonymous R5
Apr 18 '12

Anonymous asked:

What is r5's favorite animal?

I’m not quite sure, you can tweet them if you want! They used to have a pet crab that died a few years ago…

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