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The official R5 Street Team! Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try our best to answer!
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Posts tagged Anonymous

Mar 13 '12

Anonymous asked:

do you know if they are coming to florida for a concert i dont live in california

It will be announced via their twitter @officialR5

Mar 3 '12

Anonymous asked:

is r5 going to be playing at the san diego county fair this year

@officialR5 will tweet about it.

Feb 29 '12

Anonymous asked:

when you no when r5 will be playing at the oc fair you will let us no right

@officialR5 will most likely tweet it, but yes we will make a post when they announce it :)

Feb 25 '12

Anonymous asked:

when will r5 be playing at the oc fair

not sure if they will be definitely playing, but you can go to the oc fair website?

(sorry i’m not from california haha)

Feb 21 '12

Anonymous asked:

when is the next oc fair going to be ?

nobody knows yet! follow @officialR5 they will tweet any news of upcoming concerts :)

Jan 30 '12

Anonymous asked:

when and where is your next consert?

R5 will announce it on their twitter @officialR5 :)

Dec 29 '11

Anonymous asked:

do is ross lynch brother

I don’t really understand this question but um

Ross has 3 brothers, Riker, Rocky and Ryland!!

Jun 16 '11

Anonymous asked:


I cant see the "Super cute video of R5 from 2007". The content is blockes in my country so I can't even download it... Could some of you download it an send it to me?

I'm also thinking of making a "R5 - Norway" thing. Do I have to ask for permition fist?

Thank you =)

I’ll have to talk to their manager first (just to make sure it’s okay, you know?) But if we can, I’ll post it for you!

And I think that’s a great idea! And asking permission would probably be a good idea. :D

and it’s no problem :3 Good Luck!

Tags: Anonymous
Jun 14 '11

Anonymous asked:

Did you specifically ask their manager aka Dad for permission?
because i know that Riker's street team did
and i think you need to.

I have sent Mr. Lynch a Facebook message, as well as an e-mail, and am just waiting on the reply now. If he says it’s not okay I will be deleting the blog, facebook page and twitter. We have not posted anything that could not be found on Riker’s known youtube channel, so there should be no complications.

Tags: Anonymous
Jun 13 '11

Anonymous asked:

is Riker single?

As far as I know, he is. But he seems to be keeping his personal life separate, so I can not confirm anything.

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