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The official R5 Street Team! Feel free to ask any questions and we'll try our best to answer!
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Feb 20 '13
Canadian Loud tour dates!! Buy your tickets here !!

Canadian Loud tour dates!! Buy your tickets here !!

Jan 2 '13
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Dec 28 '12

R5 in Philly! 28/12/12 (@boomansworld)

Dec 24 '12
  • Rydel: [Ellington] is goofy
  • Ellington: [Ross] is artistic
  • Ross: Thanks man!
  • Riker: Wait autistic or artistic?
  • Ellington: Artistic, like he can draw well.
  • Ross: One thing about [Riker] is that he's very motivated.
  • Rydel: This like a good compliment game.
  • Rocky: I'm excited for mine!
  • Riker: [Rocky] is the most musically talented.
  • Rocky: [Rydel] is very...she likes to always get things done early in the morning.
Dec 20 '12

some random pictures from the toronto show on 16/12/12!

please credit me if you’re going to use these! thanks :)

Dec 19 '12

R5 performing not a love song in toronto!! (16/12/12)

Dec 17 '12


Riker Lynch - R5 in Toronto, December 16th

@RikerR5 in Toronto!!

(Source: welosttotheflames)

Dec 17 '12

Ross Lynch- R5 in Toronto, December 16th

Looking good, @RossR5!!


Ross Lynch- R5 in Toronto, December 16th

Looking good, @RossR5!!

(Source: welosttotheflames)

Dec 12 '12

What is the most important thing for each of you to pack?

  • Rocky: Definitely Ratliff and I- oh, Rocky is talking- we gotta make sure we get our snuggies on the bus. They're amazing, very important.
  • Riker: My most important thing is probably my sweats, I really love wearing sweats on the bus. It gets cold-
  • Ross: Especially on the East Coast.
  • Riker: Yeah we've never been on the East Coast really for winter, so we're all used to the California sunshine now, so we're gonna be freezing over there.
  • Ross: Probably something like an iPod or a guitar.
  • Rydel: I have to bring my blankies-
  • Rocky: This is Rydel.
  • Rydel: Because they're so soft and I can just cuddle up after a show and just sleep.
  • Rocky: And a lot of candy for the bus.
  • Ross: Definitely.
Dec 12 '12
RD interview

R5’s interview with Radio Disney || 12.11.12